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More UMPC (Origami) details today

UmpcToday it was Intel’s turn to take the covers off of the UMPC platform. James Kendrick uncovered this page on the Intel website that begins to fill in the missing pieces to the puzzle. The Intel UMPC website reveals even more with four videos showing use cases for the UMPC here. The second video, “Mix work and pleasure” is the one that got my attention. Two of the other videos feature the device pictured here in action. Cool stuff!

UPDATE:  This link to a PDF brochure has some interesting UMPC facts that confirm many of the rumors floating about.

UPDATE 2: has pictures of demo UMPCs from the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, along with some early indicators on pricing, power, etc.  My early verdict?  Nice, too pricey, and somewhat dissappointing.  We’ll have to wait for Microsoft, and ulitmately the product manufacturers for a better idea of what the Future holds for Origami.

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