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So, that’s how Bill Gates works

Bill Gates in the OfficeIt is safe to assume that Bill G. would have a technologically advanced work environment, but still is cool to read and see what his office looks like in the recent issue of Fortune (here).  As you’d expect, the article is chock-full of Microsoftie stuff, from Outlook to Sharepoint, and from a Tri-screen mega desktop to his trusty Tablet PC.  What I found most interesting about his setup is how similar it is to mine.  In the two years since I made the switch to a TabletPC, I’ve become a convert to the idea that we can function in a nearly paperless environment.  My Toshiba M200 is the workhorse of my setup, giving me the power of a laptop, with the agility of a tablet.  Like Bill, OneNote is a central part of my day.  My notes all go there, with rare exception.  OneNote has become an even greater part of my core application set with OneNote 2007–beta (I’m beta testing the Microsoft Office 2007 suite).  Bill’s article doesn’t say how he synchronizes his computers, but for me Foldershare has become the gold standard; I’m now always in synch with my office and home desktops, and my Tablet PC.  Given the chance, I think many business users today would switch to this approach, but Tablet PCs have not made major inroads in the corporate culture.  Of course, I don’t expect anybody but a big time executive having the monitor array that Bill incorporates into his workday!

2 responses to “So, that’s how Bill Gates works”

  1. can you tell what kind of tablet he is using?


  2. Sam,

    That’s a Motion tablet that he’s using. I believe the 1600.



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