One of the reasons why Microsoft OneNote 2007 is a mission critical application

Chris Pratley, now the Group Manager for Office Authoring Services (which includes OneNote, Word, and Publisher) has posted an excellent entry on his blog on how OneNote notebooks can be synchronized across multiple computers. OneNote, for those of you who haven’t seen it before, is Microsoft’s omnipresent data capture tool. Simply put, OneNote is a collection of notebooks that you can use to store your quick notes, screen captures, audio recordings, and more. OneNote carries was one of the first, and still most robust, ink enabled applications that has been built. In it’s latest incarnation, which is now in public beta, Pratley’s team has added a notebook synchronizing features. With this ability to sync, you can capture notes just about anywhere, and snychronize the captured stuff with all other locations. Pretty simple, elegant and sweet!

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