USAirways to confiscate your frequent flyer miles

Now, this one defies logic.  USAirways plans on revoking frequent flyer mileage that you’ve earned on their carrier if you do not fly on USAirways for an 18 month consecutive period.  Wow.  From inFlightHQ:

Frequent Flier Miles – Use Them or Lose Them
US Airways announced today that it will be voiding frequent flier miles for members of its Dividend Miles frequent-flier program if they do not fly on US Airways for eighteen months.

Ever since we lost the Hub designation for Pittsburgh International, USAirways’ service out of Pittsburgh has been on a steady decline.  Of course we don’t have all the direct flights that we used to.  Beyond that, we are having to contend with some of the oldest aircraft in the company’s fleet.  I can no longer count on power ports at every seat – what used to be one of the great advantages of flying USAirways.  We’re being exposed to the increasingly obtrusive advertising techniques that America West (USAirways’ merger partner and surviving management team) pioneered – like ads on seat trays.

But, what can we do? 

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