Jott could be the leap forward in voicemail that I’m looking for

Michael Arrington just posted about Jott, a company that is emerging from the shadows to offer voice to text delivery of voice messages:

Jott to Convert Cell Phone Calls to Text

It’s very simple – a user calls a specific phone number and leaves a voice message along with a recipient or recipients (an obvious use for Jott will be for people to leave themselves quick notes). The voice message will then be converted from voice into text and delivered via email or SMS. The recipient or recipients can choose between reading the text or listening to the original voice message.

I’ve found managing voice messages the biggest challenge to achieving a truly unified inbox. If this service is as cool as the one that Guy Kawasaki recently wrote about, then the guys at Jott have a real winner. I’d love the ability to receive an email transcript of voicemails in my inbox. It’s just easier to handle, and search, in text form. I suspect another benefit will be the ability to read voicemail while I’m stuck in a meeting. Sometimes trying to break-away from a lengthy meeting is not possible, so I’m left guessing as to what the content of a voicemail is. If a transcript were emailed to me, I could instantly act on it, or delegate it — or simply file it away. That would really rock!

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