Socialtext takes wikis offline

Wikis can be a powerful tool to collaborate with a bunch of people, manage notes, and meta-tag all types of content for future reference. With all their strengths, however, one of the biggest fall backs of the wiki is the inability to be productive in a wiki environment while disconnected from the cloud. Well, that may soon be a problem of the past. Socialtext has introduced an interesting open source partnership with the developer of the TiddlyWiki (which is very popular among the GTD crowd). Now, with the combination of Socialtext and TiddlyWiki, you can ‘disconnect’ sections of a wiki for offline use and editing. You can ‘reconnect’ through a simple synchronization interface.

Socialtext Unplugged | Socialtext Enterprise Wiki

Socialtext Unplugged is collaboratively developed with Jeremy Ruston of Osmosoft, the creator of TiddlyWiki. Socialtext Unplugged is an application within a single HTML file, which also means it is cross-platform.

This is a really nice feature to have when the cloud is not reachable. It seems like the team over at Socialtext is trying really hard to make its product as easy to get to as possible. Earlier this year they rolled out the Miki, a light client version of the wiki. With a Miki you can access wiki pages via your Treo or other wirelessly connected PDA.

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