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Is JotSpot ready to make its Google debut?

Yesterday, I received several emails from JotSpot stating that they were going to introduce a major upgrade to their service next week. I’ve had an early beta account of JotSpot and have seen it progress nicely into an effective wiki-based collaboration environment. Google acquired JotSpot in October and they have been quiet since then. Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch is speculating that this email may signal the relaunch of JotSpot under a Google moniker:

Will JotSpot Relaunch Next Week?

Google sent an email to JotSpot customers notifying them of an upgrade being rolled out over the next week. JotSpot has been closed to new customers since they were acquired by Google in late October 2006, and there has been no word of when JotSpot might be relaunched.

The speculation is that JotSpot’s email may be an indication that their service is now operating within a Google environment and may reopen for new users. I doubt that they totally integrated JotSpot into the myriad other offerings that Google now has under it’s belt. If the speculation is correct, it will be nice to see JotSpot reopened for general use, but I really hope that Google is working to tightly integrate it with Gmail, Docs & Spreadsheets, Calendar, etc. If integrated correctly, this could become a killer online application suite.

So, hopefully the JotSpot upgrade will provide a glimpse into the Googleplex’s long term online application vision….but I won’t be holding my breath.

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