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Gmail’s Mail Fetcher service now available to mere mortals

Last month there was a lot of buzz created around a new Gmail service that was about to roll out called Mail Fetcher. TechCruch’s Michael Arrington wrote about how this new ability for Gmail to poll, or fetch, email from pop3 accounts made Gmail “perfect”. Well, after all the hoopla, it seemed that Google was taking its own sweet time to roll this capability out to the masses. So, I kind of forgot about the new feature. To my pleasant surprise, however, my gmail account is now Mail Fetcher enabled!

This is great news. I’ve been wanting to consolidate my old emails from my yahoo!mail account and a fastmail account that I had for a while. The primary reason to consolidate was to utilize Google’s strong search capabilities to find stuff that might be hiding in my old email collection. Now, with the power of Mail Fetcher, I’m able to aggregate my archives onto one email platform.
Arrington wrote about how this feature would allow him, and others, the ability to access company mail inside the Gmail interface. For those who have IT organizations that allow for external client access to their email servers, Gmail can now be your interface of choice for work and personal use.

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