Web Worker Daily has a great tipsheet for conference calling

We all have our favorite mobile gadgets and gizmos that we’ve come to rely on. The added mobility they bring allow us to function anywhere, anytime. And, despite the fact that we feel like lone wolves out there, every so often we have to connect back with our colleagues or clients. While teleconferencing is not a new concept, it has evolved over the years. GigaOm network’s Web Worker Daily has published an excellent post on effective conference calling.

When I’m teleconferencing from home, I prefer to use the SE-220, which is the top of the line 2-line speaker phone made by Polycom. It is rather expensive, but if you lurk around on eBay, you can often find it below $115. Along with a Plantronics headset, I can spend hours on the phone and never get ‘phone fatigue’. The speaker on the SE-220 is the best I’ve ever heard.

When I’m mobile, I fall back on my Treo 700p and a Jabra C250 wired headset. I’m not a big fan of bluetooth headsets mainly because I’ve yet to find one that feels comfortable and has good speaker/mic sound quality, not to mention that a bluetooth headset adds another charger/cable that I would have to carry around.

For Skype, I’ve been looking for a decent headset, and have recently ordered the one that Jason Calcanis uses.

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