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Zoho Notebook takes Microsoft OneNote’s appeal online

As you know, I’ve been steadily moving my work habits toward an Office 2.0, work anywhere, approach. One of the more difficult habits to wean myself off of has been using the free-form note-taking capabilities of Microsoft’s OneNote. Zoho’s Notebook, announced today, may make this transition a no-brainer. Jump over to the link to take a look at a great sneak peek video on the site. From the site, here are some highlighted points:

  • Intuitive user interface with white boarding and custom layout capability
  • Quick “add” buttons for adding text, graphics, photos, audio, video, RSS feeds and documents
  • Combine and add Notebook pages from other applications such as Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheet
  • ”Content level” sharing and versioning providing fine grain control of what is shared with others
  • Firefox and IE plug-ins for instant web clipping
  • Real-time, simultaneous editing and sharing of content
  • Skype integration for instant chat and IP telephony

Zoho expects the Notebook to be available to the public by March.


Marc Orchant and Ismael Ghalimi have had private beta access to Zoho Notebook for a few days.  Both concur with my first thoughts that Zoho is quickly becoming a game changer in the Office 2.0 space.

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