MindMeister beta invitations for anyone who is interested

Last week, I wrote about a great new online mind mapping tool called MindMeister. Well, as it turns out I have 20 beta invitations to hand out. If you are interested, leave a message on this post (remember to put your correct email address in the email address section), and I’ll send out an invitation.

21 replies on “MindMeister beta invitations for anyone who is interested”

  1. Hi Nitin,

    If you could FWD me an invite for the beta of MindMeister I’d appreciate it.



  2. Hello Nitin,
    If you still have one, I’m interested by an invitation to mindmeister.
    Best regards,


  3. Thanks to all that have stopped by. I’ve still got several more MindMeister invitations, so just leave a comment, and I’ll send one over.



  4. I’d like to try MindMeister. I would greatly appreciate to receive an invitation.

    Thanks in advance,


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