Revisiting PersonalBrain

I’m constantly on the lookout for better, more productive ways to manage information at a personal level (Personal imageKnowledge Management – PKM). One of the more unique PKM tools out there is this product called PersonalBrain, made by TheBrain Technologies. PersonalBrain operates very much like a three dimensional mind mapping tool. I’ve tried PersonalBrain in the past, but never really got the hang of it. TheBrain has just released a new version, which addresses much of the quirkiness of past iterations. Michael Sampson has posted a nice summary of the new features

Jeremy Wagstaff, most notably of the Wall Street Journal, has been writing a lot about PersonalBrain on his weblog. He recently posted an excellent example of how he uses PersonalBrain. I’m still not quite sure how I’d use it, but an upcoming webcast by the folks at TheBrain may help a bit. If you’re interested in checking out this unique knowledge tool, you’ll need to quickly sign up for the July 31st Webex session at TheBrain’s website.

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