Great 67 point rant on why Outlook sucks

Outlook is one of those Microsoft applications than can shorten your life. I’ve seen people fly into rage because of some inanely stupid thing that Outlook did. I’ve had really powerful computers slow to a crawl while Outlook ‘does its business’. Even with substantial improvements under Outlook 2007, I still am amazed that Microsoft can’t get Outlook to close correctly, consistently – it seems like every other time I try to close Outlook, I have to actually go to the Task Manager to kill the process. Of course, that then forces a slow load the next time around, because as Outlook informs you, the last time I exited the application it ‘didn’t close properly’. Wanderingstan has taken great pains to pinpoint sixty seven such maladies that befall Outlook. Some excerpts:

  • 7. Mysterious selection of address for recipient (Outlook 2003)
    • Once a name is recognized (God knows when that magically happens), and the person has multiple addresses, you don’t know which one it picked. (Because it never shows email addresses) You have to double-click the name to find out what it picked.
  • 8. Broken auto-guessing of names (Outlook 2003)
    • You type in a name, and it doesn’t do any auto complete. In fact, sometimes you don’t know who it’s going to pick until you hit send (or proactively hit the “Find Names” button) if the person you want isn’t yet in your contacts, but someone of a similar name is, you’ve just emailed the wrong person!
  • 9. Outlook 2007 has removed keyboard shortcuts from the email editor.
    • Because you wouldn’t want people to be able to work any faster…
    • See this thread on Lockergnome.
  • 10. No concept of nicknames (like every other email program on the planet.)
    • Why can’t I email my friend Daniel Newman with just “Danny”, as I refer to him, without losing the fact in my contact info that his legal name is Daniel?
  • Read more here.

    2 replies on “Great 67 point rant on why Outlook sucks”

    1. Glad you feel the same way, and thanks for the writeup. Seems like I really touched a nerve with my rant! I hope in the next version MS will spend more time making the program *work* and less time fiddling with the icons and menus.


    2. Stan –

      I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t have a legitimate gripe (or 67) about Outlook. What is impressive is that you’ve carefully documented all of them. That has to be appreciated. I doubt that MS will listen, but I am grateful everyday that, at least, I don’t have to deal with that god awful Lotus Notes in a work setting.



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