TiVo and Domino’s: The question is ‘Why?!?!’

Domino's Pizza, LLC

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Jerry Yang is stepping down, as we all know, but the most important tech news has to do with pizza.  Perhaps customer service does have its natural limits…and I believe this has crossed that boundary:


Karen Bressner, Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales, TiVo Inc said, “Joining forces with Domino’s Pizza creates an effective marketing and commerce tool for Domino’s while enhancing and further distinguishing TiVo as the ultimate way to watch TV with a closed-loop advertising experience. This exciting new partnership offers yet another advertising solution as commercial avoidance continues to increase. With just a few clicks of the remote, TiVo users can pause their program, order a pizza, and then sit back, relax, and return to their favorite show without missing a single second. Now, TiVo delivers the absolute best television viewing experience…and a pizza.”

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