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With the release of CloudFront, Amazon continues to build out a full selection of cloud computing offerings.  With CloudFront even small developers can gain the power of a global content distribution network (much like Akamai).  Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO, explains the service in this post:

Expanding the Cloud: Amazon CloudFront – All Things Distributed

Today marks the launch of Amazon CloudFront, the new Amazon Web Service for content delivery. It integrates seamlessly with Amazon S3 to provide low-latency distribution of content with high data transfer speeds through a world-wide network of edge locations. It requires no upfront commitments and is a pay-as-you-go service in the same style as the other Amazon Web Services.

Amazon CloudFront has been designed to be fast; the service will cache copies of the content in edge locations close to the end-user’s location, significantly lowering the access latency to the content. High sustainable data transfer rates can be achieved with the service especially when distributing larger objects.

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