SlideShare makes PowerPoint a social application

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I hate PowerPoint.  Actually, I don’t hate PowerPoint, I hate how PowerPoint makes it easy for poor communicators to believe they can be the next Steve Jobs.  I’ve sat through excruciating 162-slide presentations done by ‘management’, in 10 point type.  I’ve nearly been blinded by awful color choices.  I’m sure you have too.  I think one of the primary reasons this happens is that most PowerPoint presentations are developed in a vacuum.  The lone PowerPoint ‘artiste’ slaves away, late at night, slapping together random thoughts and cheesy graphics into a massive deck that often misses the point.  SlideShare, the online slide deck sharing site (sort of a YouTube for slideware), has just released a PowerPoint plug-in, that may bring the lonely deck-developer into the social realm.  With the add-on, deck-developers will be able to share their works of art directly from the very non-social PowerPoint, and more importantly, be able to search for inspiration directly from within PowerPoint.  Appropriately, SlideShare has a slide deck to explain the advantages:

Now, sharing alone won’t solve the awful PowerPoint crisis, but hopefully if we get these people into group therapy, we can save at least one meeting from a cruel and unusual presentation.

SlideShare Presents Your Newest Social App: PowerPoint – ReadWriteWeb

Using the SlideShare Ribbon, users gain the ability to share presentations from within PowerPoint, update existing presentations with new content, search existing SlideShare presentations for examples, download SlideShare content for remixing, and view presentations from contacts and groups. User can also check their SlideShare statistics from within PowerPoint.

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