Hello, is this thing on?

It’s hard hard for me to imagine that, despite all the writing (and tweeting) that I’ve done over the past year, I haven’t updated this blog in nearly a year!  I guess there are many reasons, but instead of dwelling on them, I figured the time was right to get back in the swing of things.  First, a quick housekeeping notice, I’ve moved off of my own instance of wordpress and onto WordPress.com.  There may be some broken links or missing pages, but I’ll try to get those back up asap.

The last time I posted here I linked to a great photo collage on India, so why not kickstart this weblog with another inspirational link about the subcontinent?

The video below is an animation that was done by Arjun Rihan as his graduate school thesis at the University of Southern California.  I first met Arjun several years ago, as he was contemplating a career change (he was at Oracle at the time, if I remember correctly).  He followed his passion, and as the clip below demonstrates, became a creator, and a first rate story teller.  Arjun recently put Topi up on YouTube, and you can read about the process to the final product on his weblog.  He now works at Pixar:

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