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Global Social CRM meet-up today

For those of you who follow the social media landscape as it relates to businesses, please join an interesting bunch of folks at today’s Global Social CRM meet-up.  While some of us will take advantage of being at a Cisco Telepresence site, you can join via or via WebEx.  Details of the meet-up, and how to attend remotely, are at the link below:

Meeting will start with introduction video by Paul Greenberg, followed by master interviews with Natalie Petohouff, Ray Wang, Mitch Lieberman, Brian Solis and Frank Eliason.

They will cover the following topics:

– How SCRM plays in the world of enterprise applications;

– Justifying Communities in SCRM planning;

– How does SCRM work for SMB?

– How communities grow from Twitter..

This will follow panel discussions with LaSandra Brill [CISCO], Katy Keim [Lithium], Munish Ghandi [HyLy], Peter Grambs [Cognizant], Kira Wampler [Ant’s Eye View] moderated by Esteban Kolksy.

Topics that will be discussed are:

– Using online communities for SCRM;

– How are communities being used today?

– How has the advent of the Social Customer changed communities?

– How are businesses reacting to these new social-networks-as-communities?

– Is there a business justification for using communities?

– What can we expect going forward?

– How can a business benefit from using communities?

– Case studies.

via Happenings, advice and technology thoughts !: Global Social CRM Community meet-up tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to this lively discussion.

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