Gamifying everything

Interesting notes related to a book that was recently published, and is probably worth adding to my list of books to read:

The only difference between the current fad for ludology — the study of games — and any other time in the history of the internet is that now that marketers and entrepreneurs know that humans have a weakness for game mechanics, and that we can be trained to do almost anything as long as it involves a reward, however ephemeral, they are actively pursuing gamification as the latest and most sophisticated strategy for selling us stuff and/or capturing our free time.

via Has the “Gamification” of Reality Already Begun? – Technology Review.

2 replies on “Gamifying everything”

  1. Hello Nitin,

    Gamification is not magic though. Like anything else, there are few ways to do it right and millions ways to fail. And your quote about that we can be trained to do anything is only true when gamification is done right.

    If you are interested to learn about the science of gamification, I’ve started a series on the Science of Gamification. Feel free to check out the latest post of the series on the psychology of motivation.


    1. Hi Michael,

      I agree that gamification is not for everything, but I do need to dig a bit deeper into these theories.

      I’ll definitely add your work to my list of insights to consider!


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