Engadget gets hands-on with the Samsung Origami

Leave it to the guys at Engadget to snag the internet’s first quickie review of a real Origami machine.  Their first thoughts – um, nothing special.  The Samsung model they played around with was a pre-production unit, so there still may be some changes in store, but overall it didn’t come across as being revolutionary.  […]

Agilix ships GoBinder 2006 (finally)

GoBinder 2006, one of the best note-taking solutions out there for the Tablet PC has finally shipped.  For those who aren’t familiar with the product, GoBinder is essentially a digital notebook and PIM for students…although it is a really powerful tool that can be used by just about anyone.  This update to GoBinder was very ambitious, […]

Guy Kawasaki points us to Karl Hartig’s incredible data chart creations

Guy Kawasaki points us to a collection of charts that Karl Hartig has generated over time using all kinds of interesting data.  Not only are some of these charts visually stunning, but they provide a way to show trending data in a more dramatic fashion.  In other words, the data comes alive on these graphics.  Definitely worth […]

FeedDemon 2.0 Beta lookin’ good

Nick Bradbury has been dropping hints about the latest iteration of FeedDemon for quite some time now. Well, yesterday he unleashed a beta of FeedDemon (2.0 Beta 1) on us. I can affirm what others are saying about the beta by declaring it a winner myself. The big wins for FeedDemon users include both small […]