Internet Explorer CSS implementation horrors

Well, the migration to WordPress 2.0 and Squible went fine, with on exception.  The manner by which Internet Explorer handles Cascading Style Sheets is driving me crazy.  If you take a look at my site in Firefox, everything is presented as I want it to.  The menus are aligned perfectly to the right of my name, there is no huge gap between the menu bar and the 1st post, and the footer displays without issues.  Now take a look at the site with I.E.  All kinds of issues here.  I’ve spent the good part of an evening tinkering with the IE CSS, and still can’t get it to display correctly.  For the time being I can live with the gap between the menu bar and 1st post, but not being able to display a footer on the home page is not acceptable.  Anyway, I’m going to keep tinkering with this format until I get it right, since the overall look and feel of Squible is very professional.

WordPress 2.0 upgrade complete, along with a new theme

The WordPress upgrade went as advertised.  Pretty seamless.  And while I was at it, I decided to change my theme as well.  Kiwi was nice, but I was finding the overhead of maintaining graphics for features to be a but too much for me.  So, I’ve switched over to Squible, which is more evolved and a bit easier to use.

Gotta love the WordPress community, there are so many people developing great themes, modules for WP…

Congratulations Marc!

Microsoft recently announced the latest Tablet PC MVPs, and Marc Orchant was one of those selected.  Congratulations Marc!  For those who don’t know, my introduction to the Tablet platform came essentially through Marc’s blogs, and I continue to rely on his insight on the platform to influence my tablet experience.

37Signals to rollout a small business CRM tool

This has to be the best technology news I missed while I was in India. 37Signals, makers of Basecamp, Backpack, and Ta-da lists announced that it will soon roll out Sunrise, a CRM application for small businesses. This is huge! If you aren’t familiar with 37Signals or their previous products, you should check them out immediately. 37Signals has proven that you can build robust applications for a broad set of customers, while keeping these applications simple and elegant. I predict these guys will turn the small business CRM business on its ear when Sunrise is made available. I can’t wait! Link to their announcement here: Sunrise: 37signals’ CRM tool for small business is coming soon

A great in-depth review of ActiveWords

The Student Tablet PC blog is one of the best Tablet PC blogs out there.  As their readership has steadily grown, so have the contributors.  Most of the contributions are right on the spot for students (of the college variety), but much of the insight can be translated to the business world as well.  Their latest review, the ActiveWords Overview, is an example of an application that some people would find a real godsend.  I’ve tried it in the past, but never really committed the ramp-up time to make it effective for me.  Since ActiveWords can be used for 60 days before making a commitment, it certainly merits a trial if you are looking to increase your productivity.


Updated the feeds to use FeedBurner

Since I was working to setup WordPress 2.0, I also decided to send my syndication feeds through FeedBurner. The move to WP2.0 looks a bit more complicated, as I’ve done a ton of customization with my base template (Kiwi). As a result, I’m probably going to make the move over this coming weekend, once I’ve mapped out all the files that I’ve modified.