Satoshi Nakamoto and the invention of a new currency

Satoshi Nakamoto drew from the history of cryptocurrencies since David Chaum’s seminal blinding formula in the 1980s.  He postulated that the flaw with existing approaches to cryptocurrencies was that a single powerful attacker could undermine and destroy the system.  In order to to defeat the powerful attacker, Satoshi decentralised the control of the cryptocurrency over an […]

Ratan Tata gets it

For all the buzz that Tata’s release of the Nano received last year,  the long term impact of the company’s new venture may be even greater.  The sprawling Tata empire, loosely held together by Ratan Tata, recently announced a plan to build affordable housing for India’s burgeoning middle class.  Here’s an excerpt from BusinessWeek: Tata’s Nano […]

Who says banks aren’t lending?

Here’s a picture of the three envelopes I received in the mail from PNC yesterday: If you can’t tell from the small picture, one envelope says I qualify for an introductory APR of 0.99%, another says 1.99%, and a third was blank on the cover, but opening it revealed a surprise – only 4.99%! Last […]

Intel Capital continues to search for opportunities despite downturn

Image via CrunchBase Sodhani’s multi-billion dollar investments include major positions in Clearwire (recently announced) and over 400 other early stage startups.  Below is a brief excerpt from the interview: Interview with Arvind Sodhani: Intel Capital isn’t backing off on venture » VentureBeat VB: How is the downturn changing what Intel Capital does? AS: Not much […]

Taleb on the financial markets

Image by eirikso via Flickr Nassim Taleb was on Charlie Rose this past Wednesday, and I just got around watching the interview. I wish Charlie had scheduled Taleb for the entire hour. Last week I wrote about the current financial crisis being an opportunity to learn about how financial markets function, and I referred to […]

Citibank CEO Vikram Pandit on Charlie Rose last night

Image via Wikipedia Yesterday I posted about how the current financial crisis was an opportunity to learn about how the global financial markets function. Another great resource for digging deeper is Charlie Rose‘s show on PBS. Last night he had Citibank CEO Vikram Pandit on for the hour.  As one would expect from a CEO […]

Consider this an opportunity to learn about the world of finance

Image by LunaDiRimmel via Flickr Over the last few months, we’ve seen a roller coaster ride of unequaled magnitude in the financial markets.  Having been in the institutional banking world myself, I’ve had many friends and colleagues ask me if I can make sense of what is going on out there.  Many are just worn […]

TiVo and Domino’s: The question is ‘Why?!?!’

Image via Wikipedia Jerry Yang is stepping down, as we all know, but the most important tech news has to do with pizza.  Perhaps customer service does have its natural limits…and I believe this has crossed that boundary: TIVO ADDS DOMINO’S PIZZA TO ITS MENU – TiVo Karen Bressner, Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales, […]

Mark Cuban’s message to the President-Elect

Image via Wikipedia Mark Cuban‘s blog is always a good read.  He doesn’t hold back on opinions, and often times he nails it.  As I was working through my RSS feeds, I came across Cuban’s latest post.  His point is spot on.  The “who’s who” that the President-Elect has brought together to build an economic […]