Interesting development from Wolfram

We all know Wolfram for their Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha products, so the arrival of Computational Document Format (CDF) shouldn’t come as much of a surprise: The idea is to provide a knowledge container that’s as easy to author as documents, but with the interactivity of apps—for CDFs to make live interactivity as everyday a […]

My India

I saw this photo collage over at Om Malik’s personal blog and it stopped me in my tracks.  This is the India that I love, the India that I miss when I make the all-to-short trips that have become the norm in the last two decades.  Bhanu Sharma‘s photographic journey across India is simply amazing: […]

Rethinking target markets

Image via CrunchBase Mike Speiser, Managing Director at Sutter Hill Ventures, has an interesting post on GigaOm today.  An excerpt: Self-Service Nation: Why Targeting Small Business Is Good Business While the 80-20 rule can be very powerful, the reality is that many of the costs associated with building, supporting, distributing and selling technology products have […]

How Microsoft extends the R&D model in India

Image by Marc_Smith via Flickr Navi Radjou has an interesting post on how Microsoft approaches it’s global R&D over at the Harvard Business blog, excerpt: Microsoft Reinvents Its Global R&D Model – Navi Radjou – What impressed me most about TEM is its staff members’ multidisciplinary backgrounds. In addition to computer scientists and engineers, […]


Image via Wikipedia I can’t believe it’s May ’09 already.  You’ve probably noticed that this weblog has been pretty silent over the last three months.  This has to do with several significant changes for us.  Those of you who follow my twitter feed know that I’ve actually been very busy during that period.  The short […]

links for 2009-04-29

The Broken Promise of Software Maintenance Fees Great look at the relationship between maintenance fees and R&D at the large enterprise software vendors. (tags: erp crm enterprise_software maintenance_overpricing) Sugar CRM reduces prices across the board, looking for broad adoption | Irregular Enterprise | (tags: sugarcrm saas hosted pricing)

links for 2009-04-28

The FASTForward Blog » Dominos – Crosssing the Rubicon for Corporates in Social Media: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary (tags: blog social_media enterprise2.0) Determining the ROI of Enterprise 2.0 | Enterprise Web 2.0 | (tags: enterprise2.0 roi Web2.0 productivity business collaboration software enterprise) The FASTForward Blog » ROI of Enterprise 2.0, Hotly […]