The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed.

– William Gibson

The coming era of customer service

Sometime in the near future, customers will experience the perfect day.  From your earliest waking hours, through a packed and productive workday, and into a perfect evening, everything will work just as designed, just as expected.

What, to the end customer will feel like a perfect day, will require sequencing of service delivery that we have only begun to grasp.  The technology to drive to this perfect day has already started to leap from the pages of science fiction to reality. But technology alone will not bring this perfect day to life.

This near future will require a re-visioning of how the customer-to-business roles are perceived.  It’ll require a reshaping of the role of customer service in that relationship.  And, it will require a rearchitecting of how services are delivered.  This new future will be intense.

Below are a collection of essays that reflect concepts that I have been developing and curating over the last decade on the revolution of customer service.  I’ve entitled this series of essays Future Intense: The coming era of customer service.

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