nitin badjatia @ servicenow

Nitin Badjatia serves as a Senior Director, Product Management for Servicenow Customer Service Management.

He’s a two and a half decade veteran of enterprise customer service applications, having been at Siebel Systems, RightNow Technologies, and Oracle in various go-to-market, sales, and strategy roles. Nitin also led business strategy at knowledge management pioneer KNOVA Software. In 2011, Nitin was awarded the Consortium for Service Innovation’s Innovator award for his extensive contributions to the customer service industry at large.

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Part 1: Why it’s time to get serious about the Customer Experience, Part One
What’s your “customer experience” experience? Maybe you think of a fantastic interaction you had with a company. One where they went above and beyond. 

But more than likely, you think of a time when you were drug over the coals. Given the runaround. A company swung for the fences, and missed horribly.  And that is why the customer experience is no longer a “nice to have.” 

In this Part 1 of a 2-part series, Michael interviews Nitin Badjatia from ServiceNow, about the role of customer experience in today’s companies and why it’s a non-negotiable.

Part 2: Why it’s time to get serious about the Customer Experience

Robots are good at a lot of things. Assembling cars. Turning the heat down in our homes. Hey, even the Jetsons had a robot butler. 

So how should we feel about the future of Customer Experience when it feels like AI is taking over more and more parts of our world?

In part 2 of our interview with Nitin Badjatia from ServiceNow,  we talked about: 

The future of AI in customer experience.  The role of IOT and how it’s evolution will impact the contact center.  How we can use AI to answer the WHAT and the HOW.  Why people working in Customer Experience don’t need to fear the automation of their jobs.

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