Hello, is this thing on?

It’s hard hard for me to imagine that, despite all the writing (and tweeting) that I’ve done over the past year, I haven’t updated this blog in nearly a year!  I guess there are many reasons, but instead of dwelling on them, I figured the time was right to get back in the swing of things.  First, a quick housekeeping notice, I’ve moved off of my own instance of wordpress and onto WordPress.com.  There may be some broken links or missing pages, but I’ll try to get those back up asap.

The last time I posted here I linked to a great photo collage on India, so why not kickstart this weblog with another inspirational link about the subcontinent?

The video below is an animation that was done by Arjun Rihan as his graduate school thesis at the University of Southern California.  I first met Arjun several years ago, as he was contemplating a career change (he was at Oracle at the time, if I remember correctly).  He followed his passion, and as the clip below demonstrates, became a creator, and a first rate story teller.  Arjun recently put Topi up on YouTube, and you can read about the process to the final product on his weblog.  He now works at Pixar:

I’m back…

The last two months have been quite busy, as some substantial changes are underway both personally and professionally. Unfortunately, I’ve neglected this blog somewhat, a situation that is about to dramatically change. When I first started to write my thoughts online, I tried to stay away from posts that covered issues that were closely tied to me professionally. I’ve mostly focused on interesting technologies and gadgets that were on the periphery, but were cool or interesting things to write about. All fun stuff, but not really the thought leadership focus that I wanted this space to reflect. The blog’s intended voice hasn’t truly been reflected in the last two years. Going forward, that will change. While I will still write about those ‘geeky’ things, I will increase my focus on a wide range of subjects from public policy and international affairs, to core professional subjects like organizational strategy and my observations on the major technology trends that are reshaping our lives.

Several things you’ll notice in the coming days include the three ‘visual’ changes listed here:

First, the header. After much hesitation, and pushed by a lot of encouragement from colleagues and friends, I’ve decided to elevate my presence by changing the header. If you’re reading this through a feed reader, visit the site and you’ll see the difference.

Second, I will be adding a ‘Featured Posts’ tab on the menu as soon as I upgrade WordPress. Longer and more substantive entries will be easily accessible from this new tab. For those of you who are interested, the WordPress module that enables this feature can be accessed at Alex King’s site.

Third, I’ve temporarily removed the link to a photo section. This is due to some compatibility issues with WordPress and the gallery module that I was using. I hope to have that link back up soon.

Fourth, I’ve integrated my twitter feed into the navigation area of the blog. I haven’t really twitter’ed that much, and since tweets are often inane and pointless, I’ve not integrated them into my RSS feed.

Finally, the changes to this blog aren’t just cosmetic. While I still plan to write about some of the most interesting trends in technology, the breadth of my posts is about to dramatically expand. Hopefully, you’ll find the topics interesting.