Tablet Enhancements for Outlook 3.0 beta is now available

Tablet PC users rejoice!  Josh Einstein has finally released a beta version of Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO) 3.0 into the wild!  If you’re not familiar with the product, basically it enables Microsoft Outlook for tablet in a way that even Microsoft doesn’t.  I’ve just downloaded it , and haven’t installed, but it looks pretty […]

Signs of trouble at Microsoft?

Late last night Microsoft announced that it would delay shipping the highly anticipated Vista operating systems for consumer use until after the holiday season.  That was pretty surprising, given that all indications were for Vista to be selling in time for Christmas ‘06.  Apparently this delay has also forced the hand of Steve Ballmer to […]

Agilix ships GoBinder 2006 (finally)

GoBinder 2006, one of the best note-taking solutions out there for the Tablet PC has finally shipped.  For those who aren’t familiar with the product, GoBinder is essentially a digital notebook and PIM for students…although it is a really powerful tool that can be used by just about anyone.  This update to GoBinder was very ambitious, […]

Guy Kawasaki points us to Karl Hartig’s incredible data chart creations

Guy Kawasaki points us to a collection of charts that Karl Hartig has generated over time using all kinds of interesting data.  Not only are some of these charts visually stunning, but they provide a way to show trending data in a more dramatic fashion.  In other words, the data comes alive on these graphics.  Definitely worth […]

FeedDemon 2.0 Beta lookin’ good

Nick Bradbury has been dropping hints about the latest iteration of FeedDemon for quite some time now. Well, yesterday he unleashed a beta of FeedDemon (2.0 Beta 1) on us. I can affirm what others are saying about the beta by declaring it a winner myself. The big wins for FeedDemon users include both small […]