Is Dell finally ready to build a TabletPC?

The guys over at gottabemobile received some interesting correspondence from a reader.  According to the reader, Dell sees the education market at the point of entry for a tablet, and that one may be on its way in late spring of 2007.   Now that Microsoft is packaging tablet technology into Vista, only the hardware part of the equation remains.  Here’s an interesting quote from the article:  […]

One of the reasons why Microsoft OneNote 2007 is a mission critical application

Chris Pratley, now the Group Manager for Office Authoring Services (which includes OneNote, Word, and Publisher) has posted an excellent entry on his blog on how OneNote notebooks can be synchronized across multiple computers. OneNote, for those of you who haven’t seen it before, is Microsoft’s omnipresent data capture tool. Simply put, OneNote is a […]

Automattic gets funding

It goes without saying that I believe WordPress is the best blogging application available today. This week Automattic, the company founded by Matthew Mullenweg – developer of WordPress, annouced it had received “a little funding“. That’s great news for all WordPress fans, especially those who use Automattic’s Like most open source applications, not all […]

New theme time again!

Well, I shouldn’t say that with such excitement, since I put a lot of time into customizing Squible for this blog. Overall I like the look of this theme, but as it stands today, it is awfully flaky on some browsers….especially the beta Microsoft IE 7. I know that is more the fault of the […]