Quick thought: Uncertainty dominates enterprise software market

Image via Wikipedia So I figure I’d write a quick post this morning while I wait to catch my connecting flight home. This is also my first post via the iPhone WordPress application, so it’s somewhat of a test from this device. ===================== This week I was at the SSPA trade show in Las Vegas, […]

FedEx dumps Airbus A380, flocks to Boeing

It’s hard to imagine a worse collapse of confidence in product delivery than the one that Airbus is experiencing lately. Not only has its white elephant A380 been delayed numerous times, forcing huge management restructuring, but now major aircraft buyers are canceling their orders and shifting their buying power to Boeing. FedEx is the 1st […]

The airline sector in India is booming

Boeing announced two major deals with huge implications for the Indian economy and airline sector.  The company will invest over $175 million in repair and training facilities, and will source almost $2 billion worth of products and services from India.  In addition to this huge deal, the company also announced that it had closed a […]