Merlin Mann’s Podcasts with David Allen

Merlin Mann, over at, has compiled his 8-podcast interview with David Allen into one mega podcast.  Each one of the episodes contains several pearls of GTD wisdom, and I highly recommend listening to them in your spare time: Productive Talk Compilation: 8-episode podcast with GTD’s David Allen | 43 Folders As promised, here’s the […]

Jott could be the leap forward in voicemail that I’m looking for

Michael Arrington just posted about Jott, a company that is emerging from the shadows to offer voice to text delivery of voice messages: Jott to Convert Cell Phone Calls to Text It’s very simple – a user calls a specific phone number and leaves a voice message along with a recipient or recipients (an obvious […]

Google buys JotSpot, makes it free to the world

Google announced this morning that it had purchased JotSpot, one of the more creative wiki application companies out there.  One of the huge benefits of this is that Jot’s capabilities will now have a large infrastructure and essentially be free to use.  Hopefully Google won’t wait too long to integrate JotSpot into its other offerings, […]

Link Stream April 29, 2006

Stuff I’ve read, or added to my inbox to read: Seth Godin on being done – AlphaMale on KitKat’s success in Japan – Guy Kawasaki on Engineers and their lies – The Slacker Manager on office politics – Pittsburgh’s Future reports on shaky air quality ratings standards –

Congratulations again to Marc Orchant!

Just like he says here, January 2006 has been a great month for fellow GTD’er, TabletPC’er, Weblogs Inc colleague, and pal Marc Orchant.  The most recent buzz that Marc has generated is around an article that was published in American Airlines’ in-flight magazine American Way.  Time Bandits does an excellent job of describing the power, […]