MindMeister makes connecting to the cloud even easier

image In previous posts, I’ve mentioned the online Mindmapping tool MindMeister. The developer continues to update his product, recently adding Google Gears capability – allowing MindMeister to be taken offline – among other things. The most recent developments are tied to extending access via widgets. This is really cool:

So, we’ve taken that feedback very seriously and now are proud to give you not one, not two – but three new versions of Geistesblitz, for Yahoo! Widgets, iGoogle and the iPhone. We hope this will make everybody happy!

Read more about it here.

I especially like the ability to send quick thoughts to a default mindmap via my iGoogle home page. I continue to use mindmapping to churn through ideas and concepts that need further development, and now I can quickly send snippets to MindMeister without having to log in and add a node. It is certainly getting easier and easier to function on the cloud.