How Microsoft extends the R&D model in India

Image by Marc_Smith via Flickr Navi Radjou has an interesting post on how Microsoft approaches it’s global R&D over at the Harvard Business blog, excerpt: Microsoft Reinvents Its Global R&D Model – Navi Radjou – What impressed me most about TEM is its staff members’ multidisciplinary backgrounds. In addition to computer scientists and engineers, […]

Ratan Tata gets it

For all the buzz that Tata’s release of the Nano received last year,  the long term impact of the company’s new venture may be even greater.  The sprawling Tata empire, loosely held together by Ratan Tata, recently announced a plan to build affordable housing for India’s burgeoning middle class.  Here’s an excerpt from BusinessWeek: Tata’s Nano […]

ReadWriteWeb discusses the state of software innovation in India

Image via CrunchBase ReadWriteWeb recently ran a post about the state of India‘s innovation engine.  I’ve posted a clip here, but click through to read the whole thing: State of Innovation in India: 2009 – ReadWriteWeb That Big Wide-Open SaaS Opportunity Indian start-ups that dreamed of creating the next SAP or Oracle faced massive hurdles […]

Pragati interviews Nandan Nilekani of Infosys

Image by World Economic Forum via Flickr Pragati, an online and electronic journal, is by far the most thoughtful collection of analysis on India that I’ve come across in a long time.  Back in graduate school I once had a professor tell me that the best political and economic analysis was done in journals that […]

A good analysis on India’s innovation gap

Mark Fidelman recently published an article at Seeking Alpha that does a pretty thorough job in analyzing one of India’s biggest challenges, the innovation gap. India produces some of the brightest minds in technology, science and medicine yet has not demonstrated any truly large scale and breakthrough innovations in those fields. The giant India corporations […]