IT|Redux and ThinkFree offer up a free USB drive with ThinkFree preloaded

If you think you may be interested in weaning yourself off of Microsoft (or Apple) dependence, check out this post from Ismael Ghalimi over at IT|Redux.  I’ve signed up, and plan to do a thorough review of ThinkFree’s portable edition when I get the drive.  I’ve done some work with the ThinkFree Suite online, but not enough to do a substantive review.  I guess this USB drive will be the incentive to dig deeper into ThinkFree’s offering.

Making sense of Yahoo!Pipes

With all the traveling I’ve been doing of late, I haven’t had an opportunity to digest Yahoo!’s latest offering, Pipes. Luckily, there are a bunch of bloggers that have done a great job in dissecting Pipes (which apparently is a variant of a similar process on Unix based machines). Nick Bradbury has a simple, and wonderful, example of the power of Pipes here. Ismael Ghalimi – whom I recently had the pleasure of meeting – explains the power of Pipes from an Office 2.0 perspective by presenting us with an example.  Essentially, Pipes let you set up a semi-sophisticated filter to generate a customized output.  I can’t wait to get some time to tinker with Yahoo!Pipes myself.