Yang out as Yahoo! CEO

Jerry Yang and David Filo, the founders of Yahoo!

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There’s probably been too much blame piled on Jerry Yang since he returned as CEO of Yahoo!, but I wonder who would want to take his position now?  I guess the successor will have the job of chopping up the company and selling it off:

Yang To Step Down As Yahoo CEO, Search For Successor Begins

Yahoo! Conducting Search for New CEO
Co-Founder Jerry Yang to Step Down Following Appointment of New CEO
and Return to Former Role as Chief Yahoo! and Board Member

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My thoughts exactly

Jerry Yang and David Filo, the founders of Yahoo!Image via Wikipedia

Michael Gartenberg just posted exactly what I was thinking on the Microsoft offer to buy Yahoo:

It should have been written

Dear Yahoo Shareholder:

How would you like to get Yahoo’s share price from six months ago back, tomorrow?

Of course the deal will take longer to playout, but it’s already been months since Jerry Yang‘s promise to shake up Yahoo! in his first 100 days as the re-installed CEO and all shareholders have seen is an orderly demise of the stock price. This may be the best exit possible for all involved. As for the longer term play of a combined Microsoft-Yahoo, well that’s harder to predict.