went down today, but cloud services not affected

As I’m writing this, is down.  It’s not just me, others are twittering about it. I can’t remember the last time a major site like Amazon going down. It’s been down for a while. Amazon’s cloud services seem to be working just fine, however, as my Amazon S3 account is still accessible. It can’t be good for Bezos’ push into cloud computing if his anchor site is down.

Update: @ 3.35pm EDT it looks like is back up.  I wonder if we’ll get an explanation on the downtime.

Update complete

The update to WordPress 2.2.1 is complete.  Comments are back, and luckily, it looks like the old comments weren’t lost.  Sorry for those who were looking to get the Grand Central invites.

It looks like most of the plugins are working normally, except the sideblog plugin.  I’ve deactivated that one.

Back to normal blogging…

Update underway

With comments down, I figure this is the best time to attempt an upgrade. The site will be transitioning over to WP 2.2.1 today, so pardon the broken links, etc.



Update: The upgrade seems to have gone without a hitch, and commenting is back as well.