Quick thought: Uncertainty dominates enterprise software market

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So I figure I’d write a quick post this morning while I wait to catch my connecting flight home. This is also my first post via the iPhone WordPress application, so it’s somewhat of a test from this device.

This week I was at the SSPA trade show in Las Vegas, and it was the quietest I’ve ever seen a major industry event. I don’t have actual numbers, but it seemed like attendance was down. I’m sure some of this reflects general economic softness, but I also think that the dramatic gyrations in the financial markets must have led to last minute cancellations. Either way, if this one data point reflects the level of activity in the overall market, then enterprise software is about to face the biggest slowdowns since the beginning of this decade…at least from a new license perspective.

The week before, Consona had their annual user meeting, also in Las Vegas. While attendance was down, the existing user base in both the CRM and ERP divisions seemed to be energized.

If the two events reflect any larger trend, those enterprise software companies that have a business model that is built on new license sales are in for some very choppy waters…

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Depends on what you think “socialism” means, I guess

I try not to interject too much politics onto this weblog – and I will definitely steer clear of the election here in America – but every once in a while someone posts insightful commentary on the bewildering stupidity of Indian politics, such as this:

India is a democracy, but according to the Supreme Court it’s less democratic than you might think. The justices recently shot down a challenge to Indira Gandhi’s 1970s-era ploy to stamp her economic policies on the country in perpetuity. At issue: Does the word “socialism” belong in the Indian Constitution? And is every political party required to be socialist even if such a requirement is antithetical to free speech?

Read the entire post here.  Definitely worth checking out.

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