Evernote Beta invites available

I’ve been meaning to write about Evernote’s relaunch, but have been too busy with other things of late. Anyway, if you want to see what Evernote is all about, the best place to go is Warner Crocker’s excellent InkShow over at gottabemobile.com. I’ve used Evernote, on and off, on the Windows Tablet PC platform and […]

My last Windows based computer

A few months back, I upgraded to a new convertible Tablet PC – the Lenovo X61T – replacing my workhorse tablet, the Toshiba M200. I had the M200 for three years, the longest that I’ve used any laptop. As the M200 approached the end of its useful life, I seriously considered migrating to a new […]

Nokia N800: Not really for the rest of us (yet)

In my quest to become totally platform agnostic and mobile, I decided to give the new Nokia N800 internet tablet a spin. The N800 is an interesting and hard to classify device manufactured by Nokia, purveyor of mobile phones. Dubbed an ‘internet tablet’, this second generation device is primarily aimed at the mobile user who […]

Not a lot of killer buzz coming out of CES yet

I know, the show has just started, but I have yet to see any ‘killer’ gadget emerge from CES 2007. Engadget, as usual, is all over CES, but a lot of other bloggers are swarming Las Vegas too. Gottabemobile.com reports on the OQO 02, the nicely updated ultra compact computer by OQO. It looks impressive, […]

Is Dell finally ready to build a TabletPC?

The guys over at gottabemobile received some interesting correspondence from a reader.  According to the reader, Dell sees the education market at the point of entry for a tablet, and that one may be on its way in late spring of 2007.   Now that Microsoft is packaging tablet technology into Vista, only the hardware part of the equation remains.  Here’s an interesting quote from the article:  […]

One of the reasons why Microsoft OneNote 2007 is a mission critical application

Chris Pratley, now the Group Manager for Office Authoring Services (which includes OneNote, Word, and Publisher) has posted an excellent entry on his blog on how OneNote notebooks can be synchronized across multiple computers. OneNote, for those of you who haven’t seen it before, is Microsoft’s omnipresent data capture tool. Simply put, OneNote is a […]

Tablet Enhancements for Outlook 3.0 beta is now available

Tablet PC users rejoice!  Josh Einstein has finally released a beta version of Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO) 3.0 into the wild!  If you’re not familiar with the product, basically it enables Microsoft Outlook for tablet in a way that even Microsoft doesn’t.  I’ve just downloaded it , and haven’t installed, but it looks pretty […]