Engadget gets hands-on with the Samsung Origami

Leave it to the guys at Engadget to snag the internet’s first quickie review of a real Origami machine.  Their first thoughts – um, nothing special.  The Samsung model they played around with was a pre-production unit, so there still may be some changes in store, but overall it didn’t come across as being revolutionary.  […]

Agilix ships GoBinder 2006 (finally)

GoBinder 2006, one of the best note-taking solutions out there for the Tablet PC has finally shipped.  For those who aren’t familiar with the product, GoBinder is essentially a digital notebook and PIM for students…although it is a really powerful tool that can be used by just about anyone.  This update to GoBinder was very ambitious, […]

Congratulations Marc!

Microsoft recently announced the latest Tablet PC MVPs, and Marc Orchant was one of those selected.  Congratulations Marc!  For those who don’t know, my introduction to the Tablet platform came essentially through Marc’s blogs, and I continue to rely on his insight on the platform to influence my tablet experience.