Amazon is slowly starting to open up the Kindle

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A few months back I wrote about the need for Amazon to begin ‘socializing’ the Kindle.  Another item of frustration that I forgot to mention in that post was the inability to pull my notes and highlights from the kindle via the web.  I As of this morning, however, Amazon has enabled web access to notes and highlights.  Techcrunch notes:

Kindle Notes And Highlights Now Accessible On the Web

While this opens up all sorts of possibilities, Amazon is taking a very conservative approach. You can’t share your notes with others. You can’t even edit them in your browser. All you can do is read them.

I just logged in to check on my Kindle books, and can only find highlights and notes for two books. Hopefully all the notes will be online soon so I can, at minimum, cut and paste them into Evernote or another application.

This is progress, but Amazon still needs to socialize the entire book reading experience!

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TechCrunch calls for the Firefox Tablet

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Although I’ve tried several attempts by Nokia and others, I haven’t seen the perfect ‘Firefox computer’ that TechCrunch has just challenged it’s community to build:

TechCrunchIT » Blog Archive » The Techcrunch Web Tablet Project

Today at Techcrunch we announced that we are building our own web tablet hardware device. This all stems back from a conversation a few weeks ago when we were discussing the ultimate web browsing/cloud computing client hardware. The iPhone is nice but too small, and most laptops are over-powered for the task. With applications on the web most of us just need a web browser most of the time, so the ideal device would be a light-weight small tablet running nothing more than Firefox on a decent screen and with a WiFi connection.

I’ve been searching for this perfect device for a long time. I’ll be one of the first in line to buy it.

Quick update on SMSGupShup

Just a couple of days ago I wrote about SMSGupShup, a micro-blogging application that was developed for the Indian market. Techcrunch is reporting that the company has secured additional funding:

Webaroo Raises A $10 Million Round For SMSGupShup

webarooWebaroo Technology has raised a $10 million round of funding for their product SMSGupShup, an SMS-based community site in India, according to The round, the third for the company, was co-led by Helion Venture Partners and Charles River Ventures.

Gmail’s Mail Fetcher service now available to mere mortals

Last month there was a lot of buzz created around a new Gmail service that was about to roll out called Mail Fetcher. TechCruch’s Michael Arrington wrote about how this new ability for Gmail to poll, or fetch, email from pop3 accounts made Gmail “perfect”. Well, after all the hoopla, it seemed that Google was taking its own sweet time to roll this capability out to the masses. So, I kind of forgot about the new feature. To my pleasant surprise, however, my gmail account is now Mail Fetcher enabled!

This is great news. I’ve been wanting to consolidate my old emails from my yahoo!mail account and a fastmail account that I had for a while. The primary reason to consolidate was to utilize Google’s strong search capabilities to find stuff that might be hiding in my old email collection. Now, with the power of Mail Fetcher, I’m able to aggregate my archives onto one email platform.
Arrington wrote about how this feature would allow him, and others, the ability to access company mail inside the Gmail interface. For those who have IT organizations that allow for external client access to their email servers, Gmail can now be your interface of choice for work and personal use.