Evernote leaves beta, goes live

Evernote, the ubiquitous synchronized capture application is now out of beta and available to all. For those who had stopped by when I wrote about available beta invites, you can now have at it on your own.

The newly released version offers substantial improvements over the beta application, including an improved interface, and a new premium service. More from their press release:

In addition to opening up the service, Evernote also announced details of its new subscription pricing. Premium users will benefit from an expanded 500MB monthly upload allowance, priority access to image recognition servers, stronger security options, and premium support. Evernote will charge $5 per month, or $45 for a full year, for Premium service. Free users will get a 40MB monthly upload allowance and have access to all clients and tools. These limits apply only to information added in a given month, not to the total amount of data that a user can store.

The latest release also features a completely redesigned Evernote Web user interface and a new version of the company’s Web Clipper bookmarklet. The new Web Clipper allows users to instantly save the contents and links of a webpage into their Evernote accounts, a feature popular among bloggers, researchers, and online shoppers.

Other features include public notebook Facebook and blog integration, PDF support, encryption, and automatic synchronization of notes, to-do lists, snapshots, and audio notes among all Evernote clients. In recent weeks, Evernote has also released major upgrades to its Windows and Mac versions.

I signed up for the annual subscription since I know I’ll be using Evernote a lot. Now that it’s generally available, I encourage you to sign up for a free version.

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Evernote Beta invites available

I’ve been meaning to write about Evernote’s relaunch, but have been too busy with other things of late. Anyway, if you want to see what Evernote is all about, the best place to go is Warner Crocker’s excellent InkShow over at gottabemobile.com.

I’ve used Evernote, on and off, on the Windows Tablet PC platform and found it to be quite useful. Well the guys at Evernote have totally redone the computer version of the product for Windows, added a Mac version, and built a really nice web version as well. The beauty of this note taking, image capturing platform is that all these instances can be synchronized…and accessed online.

Watch Warner’s InkShow to get a better handle on what Everote can do, or leave a comment here and I’ll send you an invitation to the beta. I have a limited number of invitations, so it’s first come first served.